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Antonio Arriola Cruz, Jr [acruzjr@worldnet.att.net ], Descendants of Johannes Skurdalseie Monshaugen (14016 Broken Bow Dr So Jacksonville, FL 32225)

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  • Title Antonio Arriola Cruz, Jr [acruzjr@worldnet.att.net ], Descendants of Johannes Skurdalseie Monshaugen (14016 Broken Bow Dr So
    Jacksonville, FL 32225) 
    Short Title Cruz, Antonio Arriola Jr 
    Source ID S4 
    Text Johannes Olsen Solberg and Kari Andersdatter came from Lunder Parishin Ringerike, Norway in 1868. Two children had died before they came to America: Anders and Elling. Those children reported to have come to America with them are: Ole, Andreas, Gulbrand (my great great grandfather) and Bertha. They came aboard a vessel named Anddelius which broght them to the port of Quebec, Canada. From there, they traveled to Coon Valley (Vernon County), Wisconsin where they settled. Johannes' parents were Ole Jonsen Jonrudeiet and Gunnil Ellfsdatter. Kari's parents were Anders Amundsen Halkinrud (reported to have been born in Sweden) and Barbro Fredriksdatter. I do not know if Johannes or Kari had any siblings.

    Johannes Skurdalseie Monshaugen and Rachel Offigstad Monshaugen were born in Norway in 1834 and 1822, respectively. Their home farm was located near Tretten, which is near Lillehammer in Norway. They are known to have had three children: Ida (who married Gulbrand Solberg in the above paragraph), Mathea (who married a Mr. Liajordet who died leaving her with two children, she later married Mathias Theige and they settled in Harvey South Dakota), and Ole Monshaugen who also had several children with his wife Agnette.

    Erik Eriksen Berger and his wife Ragnild Ostensdatter came from Sondre Land in Norway with their three sons: Edvard (my great great grandfather), Bernt (who married Karen Hvalby), and Osten, who I believe died as a young man. They also settled in the Vernon/Monroe County area. In Norway, the family lived on a farm called Bergergaard which is reported to have overlooked the Randsfjord.

    Simen Hansen was another Norwegian immigrant. He had several children with his first wife, but it's believed they all stayed in Norway. He came to America, settling in Monroe County, Wisconsin, with his second wife, Anne Pedersdatter. It is said that he used several names, including Holsstuen and Holen, before settling on Hansen/Hanson. Their children were Berthe (who married Edvard Berger in the paragraph above, which made her my great great grandmother), Hans, Thorvald, Carl, Martin, Edwin, Tilla, and Sophia.

    Christopher Iverson came to Jefferson Township with his wife Gertrude Molde. He was born in Tonjum, Sogn, Norway in 1813. Their children were Jens (my great great grandfather whose name was Anglicized to "James" and changed the surname to "Everson"), Kari, and Ingri. It is said the two daughters married, but so far I have not been able to uncover the names of their husbands.

    Ellef Ellefson and his wife Johanne Johnson also settled in Vernon County, probably in Sterling or Jefferson townships. Their children were: Gertrude (called "Jennie", my great grandmother), Carrie, Edward, John, Inger, Isaac, Kristen, Julius, Karen, and Ellef. The elder Ellef was the son of Ellef Thomason Ormelid and Ingrid Pedersdotter of Luster, Norway. Ellef was one of nine children. Ellef's brothers Peder and Christian are also said to have come to America, as well as one sister named Kari.

    My Father's family is from Guam and has been much more difficult to trace. Our roots are in Guam, the Phillipines, and supposedly Spain, but I'll have to do some digging to prove that one! Surnames I am researching are Cruz, dela Cruz, Arriola, Pangelinan, and Torres.

    2 Mathia Monshaugen b: January 28, 1860 d: January 29, 1936
    .... +Matias Liajordet b: September 19, 1855 in Hoylijordet, Oyer, Norway m: 1879 d: Unknown Father: Anders Johannesen Mother: Anne Kristoffersdatter
    .... 3 Bergina Liajordet b: September 19, 1880 d: November 29, 1936
    ....... +Math Nelson b: September 02, 1874 m: April 14, 1904 d: May 14, 1953
    ....... 4 Mable Nelson b: June 20, 1905 d: October 1965
    .......... +Male Akers b: Unknown
    .... 3 Albert Liajordet b: Unknown d: Unknown
    *2nd Husband of Mathia Monshaugen:
    .... +Mathias Theige b: February 05, 1849 m: 1883 d: October 31, 1934 Father: Ole Gudbrandsen Hansen Trosvig Theige Mother: Karen Eriksdatter Thorsgaard
    .... 3 Joseph A. Theige b: February 07, 1884 d: January 16, 1959
    ....... +Margaret Nilsen b: Unknown
    .... 3 Randina Theige b: February 14, 1885 d: November 03, 1918
    ....... +Emil Johnson b: Unknown
    .... 3 Ludvig Oscar Theige b: May 01, 1886 d: December 14, 1956
    ....... +Bertha Storbakken b: Unknown
    ....... 4 Marvin Theige b: Unknown
    .... 3 Dena Theige b: August 15, 1887 d: May 1970
    ....... +Anton S. Jothen b: Unknown
    .... 3 Anna Theige b: February 20, 1890 d: May 02, 1961
    ....... +Dan Reeves b: Unknown
    .... 3 Nordahl Edwin Theige b: October 19, 1891 d: February 28, 1955
    ....... +Annie Olson b: Unknown
    .... 3 Karl Olaf Theige b: February 23, 1893 d: July 31, 1972
    ....... +Nora Lokken b: Unknown
    .... 3 Alf William Theige b: March 07, 1894 d: January 15, 1977
    ....... +Ida Ellington b: Unknown m: November 26, 1919 in Whipple Barracks, Arizona
    ....... 4 Virginia Ruth Theige b: Unknown
    ....... 4 Jack Theige b: December 17, 1928 in Fresno, California 
    Linked to Dena Amelia THEIGE